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Sussan Deyhim
"All I Really Want To Do"


Performed by:  Sussan Deyhim

Composer:  Bob Dylan


Sussan Deyhim: Vocals, Vocal Arrangement, Perc Programing

Richard Horowitz: Piano, Keyboards, Ney, Drums Programming

Anton Sanko: Tiple, Electric Mandocello , Ukulele, Pedal Steel

Peter Freeman - Bass, Processed Bass, Percussion

Will Calhoun- Udu, Hi-Hat, African Shakers/tambour tops.

Michel Forman: Plucked Piano, Courtesy of Marsis Jazz.

Recorded at: VRR Studio

Produced by: Sussan Deyhim and Richard Horowitz

Recording Engineers:

Flash: Sussan Deyhim's sessions, Vocal Recordings

William Spaceman Patterson: Will Calhoun's sessions